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A website audit: A wise business investment

A site audit is the first step towards implementing a successful Online Marketing Strategy for an existing website. You need to know what the problems are and where the problems are, and an explanation as to why they actually are being labeled "problems". Without this knowledge you have no place to start, no way to tackle the issues.

The audit will identify your site's current status and pinpoint potential issues; the resulting report will provide you with a comprehensive analysis and specific information on how to address these problems as well as recommendations on how to implement suggested improvements to turn your website into a success story.

A website audit is an in-depth study of all aspects of your website: its visibility and search engine performance, its (and your) competitors, its internal structure, its content, its design, its overall usability — in one word: everything.

You have questions? We have answers

You should not dread the result of a website audit (we are not the IRS), but instead look forward to it. You don't need somebody to tell you something you already know. You need answers.

If you already knew what exactly was wrong with your site, you would have fixed it by now.

    Do any of the following questions or statements sound familiar?

  • Why can't we find my site in the search engines?
  • We paid for a submission service and still don't see results.
  • We spent a lot of money on this beautiful site design and nobody visits our site.
  • What does it mean when people say our site is difficult to use?
  • When can we be #1 and how much does it cost?
  • How do we know what my target audience is?
  • Why does our competitor get all the traffic?
  • We have a lot of visitors, but nobody buys anything.
  • I don't care if other people don't like my website.

If you have asked yourself (or your developer or your designer) any of the above questions, or if you have ever made any of the above statements, chances are your site and your online business are in trouble. You might not like some of the answers you will be getting, but we're not here to tell you what you want to hear, it's our job to tell you the truth.

Our report will give you answers. We will provide you with in-depth analytical and technical benchmarks on many levels as well as comprehensive recommendations and strategic advice to improve every facet of your online presence, thus making it an invaluable tool that will very soon pay for itself.

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