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What is SEO and why do you need it?

The short answer: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the application of a combination of techniques and processes to increase and maintain a website's Search Engine visibility and ranking within organic search results.

The technical answer: Above processes include the design and creation of relevant content for a well defined target audience, the improvement of usability and structure with both the user mindset and the search engine functionality in mind by eliminating detrimental factors that hinder either the spiderability of your site's content or interfere with the flow of a pleasant user experience. All leading to higher exposure and recognition from both human visitors and search engines to eventually generate a higher ROI for the site owner.

The easy answer: If users and search engines don't like your website, you have no visitors, no leads, no sales.

You, too, can afford it

Simply because you cannot afford to not implement it: With your competition only one click of the mouse away, in highly competitive markets thousands of other websites are selling the same product, are promoting the same service. How are you ever going to convince users to buy from you if they don't even know you exist?

It's not necessarily the deep pockets that keep certain sites in the #1 spot (although it definitely helps), but it can be contributed to the tireless work of specialists combined with the right strategy to maintain this status.

Being or becoming invisible on the web and not attracting quality visitors can have a variety of reasons: We're here to help you resolve these issues and get you the exposure you deserve.

The sooner you decide to talk to us about your project, the sooner we can get started!

What SEO is not

It's not black magic. It's not a secret. It's also not a guarantee to be the #1 search result in Google. It's also not an overnight or immediate solution to all your problems.
If somebody gives you that impression, do yourself a favor and stay away (See black hat & white hat for more information).

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