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Search engine simulator

See your website with the eyes of a search engine.

Frames, Flash, JavaScript-generated navigation structures, most images — these and more are all being ignored by Search Engines. That's why we've created this little tool to demonstrate how your site looks to crawler and/or spider-based Search Engines. All they are interested in is text. If your content is embedded in an image or a flash animation, chances are most Search Engines are ignoring it.

Try it now (1717 tries so far)

Enter the URL you want to check in the form field below and click *Check URL*.

The Simulator will fetch the page and try to break it down into parts the Search Engines consider important. It will separately show the contents of your TITLE tags, META description and keyword tags, H1 - H6 tags, links, images, and the "actual content". Just like Search Engines, JavaScript, Style Sheets, any formatting and embedded objects like Flash will be stripped.

You also have the option to email the results to yourself.