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Website Optimization: User Friendly Or SEO Friendly?

You think you can't have it both ways? Of course you can.

However, the realization of this ultimate goal is firmly tied to your willingness and dedication to achieving it. You — the business, the owner of the site, your team.

We have already determined the main factors responsible for your site's inefficiency and made suggestions for improvements. The next step is critical: We need to get everybody involved on the same page and convince them that changes are necessary in order to see the desired positive effect.

This is the hard part. It probably involves telling the designer that the design just doesn't work. Telling the developer that his code is detrimental to the site's success. Telling someone their concept didn't catch on. Asking for time and resources to conduct research and implement tests.

Let numbers do the talking

Nobody likes to be told they're wrong. It inevitably causes rejection.
"Who are you to tell me my [design/code/concept] doesn't work?" We don't have to.
The numbers do.
"Why on earth should we spend [time/money/resources] to run an optimization test?"
Because it's time/money/resources well spent.

If you think a conversion rate of 10% is great, how does a conversion rate of 25% sound? Or even more? Unfortunately, unless you are willing to try something new, you will never see it.

This is what optimization is about: Not to theorize about suggestions and possible improvements but to offer proof that there is always room for improvement.

How do we do that? It's by no means a new concept, it's been around for quite some time, and it is basic marketing; yet few people take advantage of it when it comes to their websites. It's called TESTING. And it's easy:

  • Determine an objective (more traffic, more sales, etc).
  • Change some variables on your page and let the users decide.
  • Measure the data during the test period meticulously.
  • Compare the numbers.

Test — compare — succeed

The test results will provide everybody with proof: If the numbers show significant changes — depending on the goals it could either be an increase in traffic, more newsletter signups, or more sales or any other attainable goal you have defined (don't forget S.M.A.R.T): it will be a lot easier to convince the team that we are on the right path.

If there is no alternative, no comparison — how will you ever know you cannot do better? We all learn from mistakes, they just don't need to be our mistakes. Let us learn from the ones who already made these mistakes, who decided on optimization tests and meanwhile swear by this technique.

If you have already spent a small fortune on Pay-Per-Click Advertising to help your site's performance and still don't see the desired effect, it's time to Contact Us and talk optimization.

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