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Goals evaluator

Assessing if your website is currently in line with your company's goals is easier than it sounds. And since your goals do change over time, it's also a good idea to reevaluate your website from time to time.

Let's assume your website was developed with one or more business goals in mind and not just stitched together one Sunday afternoon because everybody else has one, too.

Below you find a list of common features found on websites: Not all of them will apply to you or you might want to add certain ones not included here — that's exactly the purpose.

Check if the feature is already included on your website, and if yes, how you would rate it in relation to the goal:
- Does it contribute?
- Can the presentation be improved?
- Does the content need revision?

Then rate the features you would like to include. Rate them by their importance towards achieving your goal and use this evlauator when implementing changes.

Description Currently Included Rating Future Goal Rating
Corporate History
Press Releases/News
Site Search
Contact Information
Secure Area/
Login Required
Client List/
Case Studies
Interactive Communication
(Blog, Forum,...)
Whitepapers, Articles
Software Downloads
Live Help/Support
Online Store/E-Commerce
Policies, Terms & Conditions
Support/Contact Form
[your additional feature]
[your additional feature]
[your additional feature]
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