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Development tools & Code snippets


We all need tools. We all have our set of screwdrivers and wrenches.

Sometimes a screwdriver does the job, sometimes you need to break out the power drill.
Below you find a small selection of our tools (we intend to expand the selection in the near future).

SQL injection attack test page

The SQL injection attack test page is meant to test against suspicious query parameters and react accordingly:

  • Prevent further execution of the code and prevent serving of the requested page
  • Decode the SQL statement and output a warning message
  • Write an entry in a DB table, logging time, IP, and statement
  • Send an admin email with the above information

Search engine simulator

The Search engine simulator allows you to see your website through the eyes of a search engine:
Frames, Flash, JavaScript-generated navigation structures, most images — all these and more are all being ignored by search engines. That's why we've created this little tool to demonstrate how your site looks to crawler and/or spider-based Search Engines. All they are interested in is text. If your content is embedded in an image or a flash animation, chances are most Search Engines are ignoring it.

IE 7 Scrolling textarea background bug & workaround

Internet Explorer 7 has yet another interesting bug. It appears when a background image is applied to a textarea form field. If the text entered is "longer"than the textarea's initial height, the background image starts scrolling with the text. Especially annoying when a sprite is being used.
The workaround is to wrap a div around the textarea and apply the initial background image to the div instead of the textarea.

Add a Twitter feed with jQuery (no plugins)

The easiest way to add a twitter feed to your website with jQuery (no plugins).

Add a Twitter feed with PHP

The easiest way to add a twitter feed to your website with PHP.

CSS transparency inheritance workaround (PHP & CSS3)

CSS transparency inheritance workaround (PHP & CSS3)

After many hours reading up on the caveats of transparency; after tabbing through many suggestions found on many websites, blogs and forums; after trying to create visible containers on top of invisible containers, changing positions from relative to absolute and back only to see layout go totally awry, I finally decided to create my own approach to display child elements that do not inherit the parent's transparency setting.

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