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What can SEO, SEM and PPC do for you?

Got found?

If you have a website, you need to have an online marketing plan in place.

Without one, your website will not get found, if it doesn't get found, you don't get visitors, if you don't get visitors, you don't have sales. And if you don't have sales, your website is just another piece of equipment that is costing you money instead of generating profit.

And after all the time and money you spent on developing the website it better perform, right?

Get found on the web

Online marketing is a combination of art and science: The art of developing a visually and usability-wise pleasing website, and the science of filling it with search-engine-pleasing and relevant content.

There is no rule of absolute certainty is this game, as user and search enigne preferences change all the time. When Google makes changes to its algorithm, everybody plays catchup. When you make changes to your site, onle time will tell if it was good choice or not. It's always trial and error.

If someone promises you page one in Google, stay away — nobody can guarantee that. Chances to knock wikipedia entries from position 1 for any number of queries are as futile as trying to become number 1 for the search term Microsoft Windows®. No matter how deep your pockets might be, rest assured, it won't happen.

The simple reason lies in what search engines — especially Google — consider relevant. Relevant to a user's search term that is. So no matter what your expertise level on Microsoft Winwdows® and its inner workings might be, Google still considers the site as the utmost authority for the search terms "Microsoft Windows", "Microsoft" or even "Windows".

Paid search results are a different story -- at the time of this writing there is one advertiser who is positioned higher than Microsoft for the plain search term "windows".

To find out how we can help you get found on the web, check out our section on online marketing.

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